Our Research


At Swisse, our focus has been on creating and manufacturing scientifically supported vitamin and supplement products to help people support a healthy lifestyle, so we’re proud to heavily invest in up-to-date and independently verified scientific research.

Research Development and Partnerships
Swisse is committed to the development of research in vitamins and supplements, nutraceuticals and complementary medicine.

Our numerous research partnerships include collaborations with the foremost academic research universities, world-leading researchers, and Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral projects – all supporting researcher-led inquiry.

We regularly engage our esteemed Scientific Advisory Panel - a team of academics, scientists and leading clinicians – to help formulate new products and educate the business on emerging research, population-specific health concerns and areas where complementary medicine may assist.

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Swisse is dedicated to the area of product innovation and development. Every step in our process is carefully considered. All materials used for manufacturing Swisse products are also subject to a thorough and rigorous testing regime.

Innovations in Complementary Medicine
Swisse supports complementary medicine innovation through the bi-annual Health Symposium, a complementary medicine compendium for the dissemination of complementary medicine research. Our proactive approach to research aims to create a distinct industry standard for complementary medicine.

Swisse is committed to significantly contributing to the evidence base of complementary medicine and nutraceutical research. To this effect, we’ll continue our research into key lifestyle factors and the positive role complementary medicines can play in areas such as cognitive health, cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal disorders and mental and digestive health, to shed valuable light on this booming area of the global market.

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